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‘The Girls’ is a psychological thriller that explores a child’s traumatic entry into adulthood. Eleven-year-old Elsie has her romantic notions of the world continually shattered at the hands of a domineering, narcissistic mother who keeps her and her younger sister Bonnie, isolated deep within their forest dwelling. Frank, Bonnie’s father and Elsie’s step-father has sent word of his eminent return. Trish the Mother, fearing Elsie will steal attention away from her and Bonnie, insists Elsie keeps her distance during his short stay.


Elsie heart broken, escapes into the woods, only to stumble across Frank’s injured and unconscious body pinned and trapped under the wreckage of his car. At first, due to his years of absence, he doesn’t recognise Elsie – a fact that cuts deep into her already bruised ego. With his life now resting in her control, Elsie decides to keep his plight a secret in order to learn what she can about the outside world and the men who routinely abandon her. Events soon spiral out of control as floods threaten the emotional and physical survival of both captor and captive. 

Producers Jason Bryne, Kristian Moliere, Clayton Jacobson

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